Aegis Security

The best WordPress security plugin.

Elevate your site’s security with Aegis Security – the compact yet powerful WordPress security plugin.

Enjoy real-time protection against cyber-threats, an intuitive interface, and a robust AI firewall.

Aegis Security: Simple, reliable, strong.


AI Firewall

Block malicious actors from accessing your website. We learn from your user’s behaviour to detect and block threats.

Two-Factor Authentication

Secure your admin page with double authentication. Add an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access.

Support Chatbot

Get expert support and education with our ChatGPT-based agent, trained to assist in cybersecurity issues and emergencies.


Get detailed, actionable data on detected threats to enhance your security posture and threat response strategies.

Our Plans

Find your plan, specifically suited to your needs.


Yearly for 1 Site


Ideal for small blogs or solo entrepreneurs in early stages of growth, offering fundamental security features to protect their WordPress site efficiently.

  • AI Firewall: Block malicious actors from accessing your website.
  • Live Bot Detection: Detect any bot access, including scraping.
  • Threat Geolocation: Get location information of unwanted access.


Yearly for 1 Site


Perfect for established businesses and ecommerce sites seeking enhanced security features and support for their growing WordPress websites.

  • All Basic Features: Includes all features from the previous Basic Plan.
  • 2FA: Secure your admin dashboard page with double authentication.
  • Support Chatbot: Get help from the best LLM trained on cybersecurity.


Yearly for 1 Site

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Tailored for large enterprises and high-traffic sites, delivering comprehensive protection, dedicated AI-based support and advanced cyber-intelligence.

  • All Premium Features: Includes all features from the Premium Plan.
  • Threat Intelligence: Get information of unwanted access compromise indicators.
  • Blue Lock AI App: Access to our security dashboard and its alert system.