AI Firewall

A Firewall that uses the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to detect malicious attacks in real time and cut the breach discovery time from months to minutes.

AI and ML Models

We use advanced AI and ML models to power our prediction algorithms that learn to detect potential threats.

Real Time Detection

Our system analyzes data in real time, alerting you of the high risk cyber threats, continuously improving your safety.

1. We gather your data

Our system gathers the cloud data from your online platforms and websites.

2. We detect potential threats

Our ML model predicts threats and dangerous behaviours from the data.

3. We confirm and verify

We double check the risk of these threats through different confirmation systems.

How it Works

Our system helps keep your online platforms safe by going through the following steps

4. We alert you of the threats

We send you an alert of the threats and help you mitigate them.

5. We train our ML model

We take the data and feed it back into the ML model to always keep it up to date.

6. We repeat the process again

We iterate over these steps continuously so your platforms are always protected.